On campus and online students, as well as alumni, will be able to attend GIS鈥檚 Global Sports Summit in New York, primarily based at the Red Bull Arena. The summit will be based around a week of specially tailored talks, exclusive networking opportunities and visits specific to the North American sports industry.

Home to popular MLS team New York Red Bulls, this global hub provides access to one of the great sports cities that hosts other world-renowned teams including MLB sides the Yankees and Mets, NBA teams Nets and Knicks, the NFL's Giants and Jets, and fellow MLS club New York City FC.

Red Bull Arena provides a unique opportunity to network with and learn from the revolutionary multinational Red Bull football brand, pioneers in 21st century sport.

GIS has high-level relationships with several of the Major League sports franchises in the city of New York and aims to of incorporate as many of them as possible into the New York Global Sports Summit.

Please note: The date of the next GIS New York Global Sports Summit is yet to be announced. All students and alumni will have the opportunity to book to attend the Summit once details are released.

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GIS New York Global Sports Summit 2022

What will the Summit include?

  • Enhance your knowledge of the North American sports industry from professionals working at some of the biggest organisations in the US;
  • Understand and see first-hand how sport operates in one of the biggest and most successful markets in the world;
  • Network with industry decision-makers and enhance your employment opportunities in the North American sports industry;
  • Experience incredible live sport at some of the world's best stadiums and arenas.
Live sport experiences

Experiencing live sport forms a key part of the Summit. Our 2023 NY Global Sports Summit included:

  • Major League Baseball @ Yankee Stadium: NY Yankees v Minnesota Twins
  • NBA @ Barclays Center: Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
  • Major League Soccer @ Red Bull Arena: NY Red Bulls v San Jose Earthquakes
  • NHL @ Prudential Center: NJ Devils v Buffalo Sabres
Organisations attending
  • Elite sports teams and franchises;
  • Stadium and venue staff;
  • Sports club owners and management groups;
  • Sports agencies;
  • Sports media and broadcasters;
  • Former and current players, managers and coaches.
Guest speakers

Speakers from recent NY Global Sports Summit included senior leaders from:

  • New York Red Bulls (MLS)
  • New York Yankees (MLB)
  • New York Jets (NFL)
  • US Soccer Foundation
  • RB Leipzig (Bundesliga)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • and many more!

Details of the guest speakers for the next New York Global Sports Summit will be communicated closer to the time of the event.

Behind the scenes access

Getting behind the scenes of key sporting organisations will form a key part of the Summit. This will include tours of stadiums and training facilities and meeting key staff.

City experiences

Free time will be built into the schedule of the week and there will be ample opportunity for students to explore what New York has to offer.

Networking opportunities

Networking with key players in the sports industry will form a central part of the NY Global Sports Summit. There will be opportunities to meet with senior leaders and decision makers from major sports organisations, providing an excellent chance for attendees to build connections and build their personal brand whilst learning about the local sports market.

Travel & accommodation

Accommodation for this opportunity will be booked by UCFB/GIS, and students will be required to pay the full amount to confirm their place at the summit. Travel is to be booked independently by students.

Booking details
What is included in the fee I pay to UCFB/GIS?
  • Accommodation
  • Access to live sport experiences
  • Internal coach journeys to summit activities, where appropriate
What鈥檚 not included?
  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Food and drink
  • General spending money
How much do I pay to book my place at the Summit?

Please visit the UCFB for details of the cost of attending the Summit.


Accommodation will be booked by UCFB and GIS. To book your place at the Summit you must book accommodation through UCFB and GIS directly. All attendees will be staying at the same hotel for the duration of the Summit.

Travel & logistics

Attendees are to book their own travel to and from the GIS NY Global Sports Summit. This allows students and alumni maximum flexibility with their travel plans. UCFB/GIS will hold no responsibility over the travel plans of any of the Summit attendees. After booking your accommodation through UCFB/GIS and having your space confirmed by email, UCFB/GIS will request the details of your flights. Spaces at the Summit are not guaranteed and so it is imperative that students/alumni do not book their travel plans until their place at the Summit has been confirmed by a member of the GIS International Events Team in writing.

Flight details

The GIS Events Team will be able to recommend and support with travel plans for attendees of the New York Global Sports Summit once exact event dates have been confirmed.

Discover New York

Your guide to New York
A brief history

Despite being the scene for 101 disasters movies, New York is a city famed around the world for sport, education, music, fashion and so much more. It鈥檚 the most visited city in the US, and has a university student population of over 600,000 鈥 more than any other US city. NYC was the original capital city of the United States up until 1790, and it was where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the US. The famous New York Stock Exchange opened in 1792, and it remains one of the most important financial landmarks throughout the world. The following century saw the rapid construction of Manhattan and surrounding areas, with the likes of the Brooklyn Bridge open in 1883, and the French gifting the Statue of Liberty to the city three years later. The 20th century saw rapid progress at all levels throughout the city as New York became what it is today 鈥 one of the most important cities in the world.

Things to do

Where do we begin? The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building 鈥 NYC has something to see and do on every street corner. Whether it鈥檚 the arts, sport or architectural mastery, the city that never sleeps is anything but boring. Catch a show on Broadway, watch the ball game at Yankee Stadium, go shopping on 5th Avenue and take in the view from the Top of the Rock. Then there鈥檚 the wonders that are the New York Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim. The trouble is when you leave, you鈥檒l realise there鈥檚 just so much more to see.

Sport in New York

New York City has the highest concentration of professional sports teams of any city or region in the US. With two NBA teams, two NFL teams, two NHL and two MLS teams 鈥 including the New York Red Bulls 鈥 sports fans in the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a sport or a team.

Click here for more information on sport in New York.

Food & drink

In case you didn鈥檛 already know, food is a big thing in the US. And if it鈥檚 big in the US then that means it鈥檚 massive in NYC. From street food to fine dining, some of the world鈥檚 leading chefs and cuisines are squeezed onto Manhattan Island. Grab a slice at Mama鈥檚 Too, voted by the New York Times as one of the best pizzas in NYC; a Feltman鈥檚 hot dog on Coney Island is a must; and there鈥檚 the authentic New York Bagel 鈥 Russ & Daughters is an absolute classic. For those who like tables and cutlery, the options are endless. Keens Steakhouse is an institution; Katz Deli is perhaps the most legendary deli in the city, serving pastrami sandwiches the size of a small animal; and the Grand Central Oyster Bar is exactly that 鈥 a famed oyster restaurant within the most recognised train station in America.

If you have any queries regarding the summit, please email global@ucfb.com.

Frequently asked questions
What are GIS鈥檚 Global Sports Summits?

GIS's global study hubs will each host one Global Sports Summit at each hub this academic year, providing attendees with a packed schedule of industry insight, professional development and networking opportunities. They will feature guests from renowned sporting organisations, locally tailored to each global study hub, allowing attendees to learn best practice and understand how sport is managed within each country. Each Global Sports Summit will provide guests grouped into three categories: from the boardroom, from the industry and from the pitch, allowing students and alumni the opportunity to truly understand all aspects of sport.听

Click here for further information on the GIS Global Sports Summits that are planned for this academic year.

I want to visit a Global Hub but can鈥檛 afford to pay for travel and accommodation. What options do I have?

UCFB/GIS believes strongly in the benefits of students and alumni attending GIS Global Sports Summits, however we recognise that this comes at a cost to the individual. As a result, we have developed the GIS Global Insight Series, a portal of content regularly updated, featuring thought leadership, Q&As and career advice from UK campus guest speakers as well as from all of our global study hub partners. This content can be found on the student Online Hub, as well as on Job Teaser for alumni.

What are GIS鈥檚 global hubs?

GIS鈥檚 global hubs will provide current students and alumni the opportunity to attend Global Sports Summits, based at some of the world鈥檚 leading stadiums. GIS鈥檚 global hubs are based at New York's Red Bull Arena, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Toronto FC's BMO Field, the Inter Miami CF Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

UCFB and GIS has exclusive partnerships with these stadiums, providing a unique global network for students and alumni.

What are the benefits of visiting a global hub?

Visiting a Global Sports Summit at one of GIS鈥檚 global hubs will allow you to grasp a true understanding of how different sports are managed around the world by hearing first-hand from leading sports organisations, which will be locally tailored to each global hub location.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to further develop professional skills and gain a cultural awareness of another part of the world.International educational experiences have been shown to boost student prospects across a variety of areas, particularly:

  • Increased average earnings;
  • Increased employment rate;
  • Increased overall grades.
Do GIS's global hubs provide any other benefits?

In addition to all benefits listed for those visiting a GIS global hub, there is still a host of benefits that will arise from UCFB鈥檚 international expansion, including:

  • Thought leadership from our global hub partners, accessible through the GIS Global Insight Series and the content hub of the UCFB website;
  • Increased work experience and employment opportunities for current students and alumni, through increased international employer engagement;
  • A more global alumni network.
Can I book my travel through UCFB/GIS for the NY Global Sports Summit?

To allow students and alumni maximum flexibility, Summit attendees must book all travel arrangements independently. Logistical information will be made available to all students and alumni in ahead of the event, however if further information is required please contact global@ucfb.com听and our team will be happy to help you with your travel plans.

What airport should I fly to when travelling for the New York Sports Summit?

Please note that New York City has three main airports (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International Airport). Newark International Airport, is the closest airport to the Red Bull Arena, however we will communicate detailed logistical information and recommendations to all students and alumni once details of the event have been confirmed.

Can I book my own accommodation for the Summit?

Accommodation for this opportunity will solely be booked by UCFB/GIS, and to book your place at the Summit you must book accommodation through UCFB/GIS. All attendees will be staying at the same hotel for the duration of the Summit.

Do I have to attend every day of the Summit, or can I pick and choose which days and which activities to attend?

Attendees are expected to attend all sessions as part of the Summit. Whilst the Summit is ongoing, the focus of all UCFB/GIS and local staff will be on providing an excellent experience for those in attendance.

When will a full schedule become available for the Summit?

We are busy working with sports organisations and individuals in the US to confirm the best possible experiences and speakers for the Summit. We will release details of speakers and experiences as they become confirmed in due course. A full and detailed schedule will be sent to all those travelling before we depart for New York. As communicated, the Summit will contain a mix of guest speakers, learning opportunities, networking opportunities, live sport and behind the scenes access.

I am an alumni/online student living in New York鈥 can I attend the event?

Yes. Please contact global@ucfb.com after completing the booking form to discuss this.

What will happen on day one of the Summit? How will I know where to go?

GIS will have a team in place on the ground in Newark to assist with inbound Summit attendees. Once you have booked your place at the Summit and booked your travel, UCFB/GIS will request your travel plans so that we can assist you with logistics on Day one when you arrive.

Will I need a visa to go to the Summit? Who is responsible for arranging this?

Summit attendees are responsible for ensuring they can travel to the US and to any countries in which they stop at as part of their journey to and from the Summit, along with any visa costs.

British nationals need to get a visa or an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) visa waiver to enter or transit the USA as a visitor. It costs 21 dollars to apply.

Please note, if you have travelled to Cuba on or after 12th January 2021, you are no longer eligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) and you must apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate to enter the United States. If this applies to you, then please do flag it with the global events team (global@ucfb.com) before purchasing a Summit ticket.

If you do not qualify for entry under the ESTA, you鈥檒l need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Further information on US immigration rules is available from the UK Government website and USA Customs and Border Protection website.听听

Summit attendees have full responsibility for their entry requirements. If you are an international student or alumni, please contact your relevant embassy or government website to check your travel permissions and any steps you need to take to gain access to the US.

UCFB/GIS encourages all attendees to check their travel permissions and make their visa arrangements well in advance of the Summit in case of any visa processing delays.

I鈥檓 an online student, can I still visit a GIS global hub?

Yes! All current students and alumni will be able to attend a Global Sports Summit at a GIS global hub.

Can you attend a Global Sports Summit if you are not a current UCFB or GIS student or alumnus?

No. Places are only available for current UCFB and GIS students as well as all alumni.

Can I attend more than one Global Sports Summit?

Yes! Places are limited at every Summit, however there is nothing stopping you applying to attend more than one event

Can I visit a GIS global hub at any time of the year?

Currently GIS鈥檚 global hubs will only be accessible during each Global Sports Summit. In time, UCFB and GIS may look to increase accessibility through more educational events.

Can I arrive a few days before the Summit / leave a few days after the Summit to explore the US?

Attendees will be free to make their own travel arrangements as they see fit, however are reminded that for the duration of the Summit听their accommodation will be fixed as per the Summit schedule.

Will there be free time included in the schedule for me to explore the city?

Yes 鈥 we know that attendees will want time to themselves to explore the area at their own leisure and this will be scheduled into the Summit agenda.

Will the live sports games be free of charge?

Some live sports games will be free of charge 鈥 these will be core activities that form a part of the Summit

Will I require travel insurance to attend the New York Sports Summit?

Yes 鈥 students will be required to purchase their own travel insurance for this trip.

What will happen if government regulations make the Global Summits unfeasible?

The feasibility of hosting our international Summits in-country is under constant review. Where travel is not possible due to COVID-19, the Global Sports Summits will be delivered virtually and made available for all UCFB and GIS students. We are committing to communicating a final decision on whether these events will go ahead in-person or virtually with a minimum of 2 months鈥 notice.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend the Summit?

UCFB/GIS strongly recommends that all Summit attendees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before travelling. If a Summit attendee is not fully vaccinated, then they risk not being admitted to the event, or any venues that the group visits as part of the event, depending on local regulations. UCFB/GIS takes no responsibility for the vaccination status of Summit attendees, and Summit attendees need to be aware that if they have chosen to not be fully vaccinated and that this prevents them from participating in any part of the event, that the event will carry on as planned without them. UCFB/GIS reminds Summit attendees that stadium/arena/restaurant/government regulations can change at any time, and that refunds will not be possible once Summit payments have been made. If you would like to discuss further, please contact global@ucfb.com

Will I get the opportunity to choose my roommate for the accommodation?

Yes. Once the final travelling list is confirmed there will be opportunities on-campus to meet the other students and alumni who will be attending the Summit. After this, everyone will have the opportunity to nominate their roommate. It will be up to the attendees to arrange this and to let UCFB/GIS know who they wish to room with. For anyone without a nominated roommate, UCFB/GIS will pair up with others of the same gender.

Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions for the GIS NY Global Sports Summit will be found on the UCFB once the Summit is open for booking.

GIS global hubs

New York鈥檚 Red Bull Arena, Atlanta鈥檚 brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Toronto FC鈥檚 BMO Field and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) play host to the Global Institute of Sport hubs, enabling students and graduates to enhance their knowledge and expertise of the international sports industry.

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