UCFB is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, which equip graduates with the administrative, management and operational skills required by the global multi-billion-pound football and sports industries.

The quality of our courses and the wider student experience is overseen by the University Campus of 六合彩开奖结果 Business Limited Board of Directors. As the institution鈥檚 governing body, the Board of Directors receives regular reports and assurances from the UCFB Academic Board and Executive Leadership Team regarding the academic standards and learning opportunities provided by the institution. The Board of Directors is supported by an Academic Advisory Body which includes senior professionals drawn from further, higher and professional education. The effective operation of the UCFB governance structure facilitates the regular and systematic monitoring of progress against key performance targets, informed by institutional, validating body, and Office for Students (OfS) expectations.

All UCFB courses undergo a detailed design and approval process in collaboration with our validating partner, the University of East London. The creation of a well-structured curriculum with clear learning outcomes and effective learning, teaching, and assessment strategies ensures that our courses align with UK higher education standards and the latest industry requirements. Where appropriate, UCFB works with relevant professional bodies to ensure that our courses provide the recognition our graduates need to work in their chosen industry.

External Examiners, who are subject experts from other higher education institutions, review and evaluate the quality and fairness of our assessments; and provide an impartial perspective on the quality of our courses.

Our students lie at the heart of all we do. Working in partnership with our Student Union, UCFB provides a wide range of opportunities for students to shape their learning and wider student experience, including student surveys, course committees and Student Council. Student representatives are full members of UCFB boards and committees, including Academic Board and our Academic Advisory Body. All final-year undergraduate students complete the National Student Survey.

Feedback from our students, External Examiners, and academic colleagues informs the annual monitoring of courses. Undertaken in conjunction with the University of East London, the annual monitoring process provides the opportunity to reflect on the delivery of our courses, to share successes and identify opportunities for further improvement.

At least every six years, UCFB will work with the University of East London to undertake a comprehensive academic review of our courses. These reviews will consider the total student experience and the extent to which UCFB is achieving its stated aims and objectives.

In common with all English higher education institutions, the quality of UCFB courses is regulated by the OfS. Focusing on maintaining and enhancing the quality of education in universities and colleges, the OfS plays a vital role in ensuring that students have access to quality education and their rights are safeguarded. This includes ensuring the number of students completing the first year of their course, completing their award, and progressing in to graduate level employment or further study meets national expectations.